Size Guide & Care Guide


Our clothing sizes range from size 6 to size 18 for women. Please note that measurements may vary between garment due to fabric, fit and style difference. The size charts above are intended to be a general guidelines only. 

Specific size guides for each garments can be found under the dimensions tab on each page. If you need further information on measurement, please feel free to message us for further assistance.

Care Guide 

We always recommended to read the specific care label and washing instructions for any garment before washing.

A lower temperature is always better to help increase the longevity of clothes. Cold hand wash is always recommended.

Use a gentle fabric detergent and avoid those that contain bleach. 

Don't soak your clothes, especially for long periods of time as it can do some serious damage to the fabric, colour, and the fit of the dress.   

Try not to use a dryer if you can. It may reduce the strength of the fabric and damage the garment in the long run.

Iron with pressing cloth or use a stream iron. 

Flip your garment inside out, close the zippers and put it in a laundry bag under gentle cycle if machine washing to make your dress last as long as possible. 

Most importantly, take care of your pieces with love and joy.