About Us

“Origami Doll was born in a small cottage in the centre of a vast magical forest. A petite girl named JaJa and a grizzly old bear came together to build a home for waylaid woodland animals and forgotten fairy tale princess. Fabrics were woven on a golden loom that sung the stories of the gathered whimsical creatures. JaJa took these fabrics and made them into playful garments which the old grizzly bear would take to market.

This secret market is where we found these dresses, and we challenged the bear to a cake eating content which, of course, we won, and were given the exclusive rights to sell their label Origami Doll. We brought this mystical collection back to our store in the quaint little village of Newtown. Our next fairy tale adventure has been launching this website to share these magical dresses with the world."

Take an adventure with Origami Doll and explore the charm of vintage, fairy tale stories and the romance of classic movies. Our designs not only keep abreast of the contemporary fashion trends, but also take inspirations from vintage time periods to produce modern twists on classic elements. We turn our love of animals, novelty, and whimsical art into design manifestations on fabric.

We source high-quality printed fabrics from the US, Japan, and Korea to create our seasonal collections. All our clothes have been designed in Australia and are produced by a small run production team in China. We really care about sustainability and aim to produce timeless, high-quality items that, given enough love, will last for years to come.

Origami Doll is for every woman and girl with unique style who never gave up on their dreams of high tea with the queen.