Face Masks 102

Face Masks 102


Face masks are currently mandatory in all indoor settings in Greater Sydney, and with our offer of a free face mask on all orders over $100 coupled with our huge clearance sale there’s never been a more perfect time to expand your collection of this must-have accessory. Our face masks are made from three layers of high quality cotton and have adjustable straps.

For hygiene reasons, these masks are not able to be returned after they’ve been worn, so rather than model them I’ve drawn up some quick sketches of what you can expect 😉

Of course, many of us have been wearing face masks for some time now, so should hopefully be very aware of the fundamentals by now! But if you take your face mask care seriously or perhaps struggle with them because of your glasses, here are some quick tips from one savvy mask wearer (me!) to another.

  • Wash your mask on a delicate/hand wash setting but at a hot heat! While I normally am adamantly against using heat to wash my clothes, the unfortunate reality of this protective gear is that it needs to be washed at 60 degrees or above for it to continue to be reusable. Try protecting it from this using a delicate or hand wash and putting it in a delicates bag.
  • Update your face mask elastic! Stretch your DIY muscles and replace it with new elastics or decorative ties! Make sure that whatever material you’re using to replace the elastic is a similar width and using a small safety pin connected to one end of your material pull it through the spots on the side of the mask where the old elastic was. If you’ve done this with ribbons you can leave it as is and tie it to your head when needed, but I find the best way to finish off if using elastic is to recall old scouting knowledge and finish it off with a reef knot that you can then tuck underneath the folds of fabric!
  • Use dish soap to keep glasses fogging at bay! Another potentially controversial tip, but using dish soap to *very gently* clean your lenses can help prevent them fogging when you need to wear a mask. It’s a strange option, but perhaps slightly more glamorous than my usual trick of having my glasses precariously perched on top of my mask!

Do you have any face mask wearing tips to share? Or perhaps some incredible outfits with some spot on mask coordination? Leave it in the comments below or tag us on Instagram!

Until next time,

Calina & The Origami Doll team

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