Behind the Brand: Summer 2021 Teaser!

Behind the Brand: Summer 2021 Teaser!

I am unbelievably excited to share our new summer collection with you! This collection is full of fresh new prints in some of our most loved styles. You can look forward to new prints on twelve styles of dresses, two styles of skirt, and our ever popular It Had to Be top collection! Readers with a keen eye may also notice the return of our ever popular Frida Kahlo garden print!

These photos have been provided from our fantastic production team in China. We’ve received a few questions about how and where our clothes are made, so I’m happy to let you all know that we have worked with this small family team for years and are very close to them!

In times outside of COVID Origami Doll’s owner and designer makes regular visits to the factory and only has positive things to say about the working environment, remuneration and safety standards. We collaborate with them every step of the way and the teaser photos I’m about to show you are just one example of our collaboration and close communication together.

Scroll on to see some teasers of some of the fantastic prints we have coming your way, Summer 2020 should be available before Christmas!

Abstract Gemometrics and sweet, sleepy sloths!

Save the bees with a sweet bee botanicals or sail the seven seas with a strong merman print!

 I'm not sure if anybody is more excited for these new Penelope dresses than me! (Ship in the Bottle and Sunflowers!)

Spring is blooming in our new Spring Blooming cuts!

Even more teasers our new launch... 

 Is there any prints you're particularly excited for at all in our new release? I'm ridiculously excited to try this all on.


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