A Date with Destiny

Due to restrictions, we've had to quickly pack up our fairytale cottage in Newtown and move to the unknown world of online shopping, and just as we began on our journey we met Destiny (@fromthecottagegarden), who was on her own quest to create magical content for others online. 

Because of our shared dreams of bringing magic into the everyday, we've decided to collaborate with Destiny to show off our gorgeous Book Club Dress in our Into the Woods style. We think she looks absolutely magical as she stands at the edge of the woods ready to explore. Destiny styles our dress with knee high grey socks, brow boots, and, of course, a great book. 

We love to create garments that empower their owners to be the lead in their own fairy tales, and help them always carry magic and imagination with them wherever they go: whether their adventure is deep in the woods, out to the office, or at least currently, in lockdown. 


We'd love to see more of the fantastic lives and adventures our clothes go on after they leave our little store, so please make sure to tag us in your photos or use the hashtag #origamidollstyle! 


Calina & the Origami Doll team 

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